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Ul/UX Design

Through a thorough analysis of your business needs and customer behavior,
our team decodes complex problems and develops
intelligent design solutions.


The product is unique in its vertical area. This product Identify your next great hire without asking a single question! Leverage AI insight to find and hire ideal talent. The Inc.’s Cognitive Engine captures candidates’ digital footprints, allowing companies to prioritize behavior and fit during the hiring and onboarding process. With this approach, talent benefits aligning their core motivations with right opportunities and companies protect their investment and maximize recruitment efforts, all done without asking a single question. 


UX Discovery

Visited at client location perform workshop with stakeholder to understand the need

User Journey

Create a different type of flow diagram to explore the touch points

Design Concepts

Create wireframe concepts and iterate until reach the expectations


Visited at client location perform workshop with stakeholder to understand the need

UI Design

Create a Interface which will intersect of brand and user expectations

UI Development

Integrated design with the development environment and functionable across all devices

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With deep industry expertise and a passion for delivering exceptional customer experiences, Cereblis enables companies to take advantage of innovation in tech by onboarding new ways to work and execute projects by advising, implementing, and optimizing digital solutions.

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