Making Clinical Trials Patient Centric – Essential Best Practices<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">3</span> min read</span>

Making Clinical Trials Patient Centric – Essential Best Practices3 min read

The modern jargons “patient centricity” and patient-centric trials” have been revolving around the industry in recent times. However, there is a difference between patient centricity and patient engagement, which has been misinterpreted and interchanged often. While patient engagement refers to the patient’s activity and retained participation in clinical trials, patient centricity refers to the design, development, and conduct of a clinical trial solution, which is built around the core stakeholder – “The Patient”.

Five Key Essentials of Patient-Centric Clinical Trials

Incorporating the patient’s perspective in the clinical trial design is the essence to balance the scientific rigor and study feasibility for participants. The main idea of patient centricity is to ensure smooth conduct and lessen the burden of the patient’s journey through the clinical trial process.

Five essential best practices will ensure smooth enhanced patient experience, high satisfaction rates, improved data quality, and patient retention for clinical trials.

Seamless Implementation of Patient Centricity Essentials with Cloudbyz Digital Platform

All the 5 key essentials can be incorporated and clinical trials can be conducted with ease using the Cloudbyz CTMS solution. Cloudbyz CTMS solution 100% natively built on Salesforce cloud-platform, is flexible and scalable to enable to manage and collaborate on clinical trial operations.

1. Detailed Patient Profiling and Early Recruitment

Patient Management Via Patient Portal:

  • The patient portal provides the capability to forecast, monitor, and manage patient recruitment.
  • Build awareness and educate the general public and target volunteer and patient population on clinical trials, process, benefits, and risks.
  • View Publish eligibility criteria, Self Pre-screening services via website and Chatbot.
  • Fine nearest Clinical Sites, Book screening appointments, provide driving directions on Google Map, book Transportation via Uber and Lyft and provide screening instructions and appointment alerts.
  • Track and manage reporter including the person providing the case-related information. Track and manage patient information such as the patient’s past medical history and current conditions, and laboratory tests and test results.

2. Simplify Informed Consent & Standardization

Cloudbyz eConsent:

  • Template Driven: Cloudbyz eConsent solution is based on templates which enable a sequence of items and can be set up based on best practices.
  • Interactive Multimedia Supported: Patients can navigate each section of the informed consent, ask questions, save it for later and continue when they are ready. eConsent Feature supports interactive multimedia approaches, supports the electronic signature and converts eConsent responses to an electronic document.
  • Real-time Monitoring: Real-time reporting and visibility on how patients read and understand consent documents.

3. Collaborate, Patients and Caregivers


The ClinicalWave digital platform enables  collaboration between Sponsors, Investigators and Patients with unique capabilities covering:

  • Patient recruitment (Patient Portal)
  • Investigator Recruitment (Investigator Portal)
  • Sponsor/CRO application to track interactions, Budgets, real-time payments, recruitment campaigns, and referrals, etc.

ClinicalWave and Cloudbyz CTMS solutions also provide the ability for patients to use an app/patient portal to read and sign informed consent at the patient’s convenience.

4. Monitor Patient Safety

Cloudbyz Vigilance and Safety Solution:

Cloudbyz Safety & Pharmacovigilance solution accelerator built 100% native on Salesforce Service Cloud offers the 360-degree view across R&D and commercial and helps enables pharma, biotech, and medical devices companies to make faster and better safety decisions, optimize global compliance, and easily integrate risk management.

5. Measure Outcomes and Performance Metrics

Reports and Dashboards:

  • The reporting feature provides targeted, actionable, sustained, meaningful reporting that enables trial teams to take action on the issues detected with configurable, point-and-click reports and dashboards.
  • Cloudbyz CTMS comes with pre-configured attributes based on industry best practices to track key performance metrics and historical performance for the sites including participation information and relative interest in participation.
  • Site performance metrics feature provides capabilities to set up, track real-time performance and manage the site, evaluation, assessment and selection initiation/ greenlight process.

The Cloudbyz CTMS solution is user-friendly with simple and consistent design, to help Sponsors, CROs and Investigators lessening the burden of documentation, collaboration and measuring the outcomes of clinical trials with high-quality data. The incorporation of Cloudbyz CTMS solution together with the ClinicalWave platform complements to bring patient centricity in clinical trials for Sponsors, CROs, and Investigators.