Accelerate Digital – Transformation With Real Time Visibility<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">2</span> min read</span>

Accelerate Digital – Transformation With Real Time Visibility2 min read

Based on the latest survey conducted by Colt, more than 68% of CIOs say they base high-pressure decisions on instinct and experience more than any other factor. Despite that, 76% admitted their instinct went against other sources, such as data or advice from third parties. The research findings indicate that lack of cohesion and collaboration between IT and the line of business.Carl Grivner, Colt executive vice president suggested that in today’s digital world, there must be a greater engagement with other business areas and external resources to drive success.

As enterprises embrace digital transformation, the need for integrated capabilities built for Digital Enterprise are very important. Enterprises have been using point solutions and silo tools for many years. Now, when speed and agility are critical criteria for success, IT leaders can’t afford to depend on same old silo tools which doesn’t provide 360° view and real-time visibility in order to make right decision at the right time and stay ahead.

With Cloudbyz ITPM and BMC Remedyforce, now enterprises can get 360° view and real-time visibility across IT planning, execution and operations to achieve agility, velocity, innovation and collaboration across IT and business and help CIO, PMO and IT executives to take right decision at the right time to accelerate Digital Transformation.

Built on industry leading cloud platform with Common data model, workflows, and collaboration and built for desktop and mobile.

Integrated IT Portfolio Management helps in:

  • Demand prioritization against critical business strategies, goals, and objectives
  • Remove the barriers between business and IT and Optimize investments across portfolio
  • Track and report forecasted resource capacity and availability needed to fulfill demand requests
  • Reducing administrative overload, effective resource utilization and free more resources for new projects to deliver faster
  • Provides real-time visibility across planning, execution and operations (Plan, Build and Run) to help make right decision at the right time
  • Coordinating across global teams throughout the project life cycle
  • Remove multiple redundant systems, tools & spreadsheets to manage project demand, tasks & deliverables

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